11th annual Shelley L'Ecuyer Memorial Scholarship - Congratulations to our Winners!

The presentation of the scholarship awards will be made before the Championship Game which is scheduled at 2:00 Sunday, 2/19. Please see the tentative itinerary of events;

1. Scholarship winners and parents should arrive at the Wallace Civic Center by 12:30

2. Players are required to wear full uniforms (including skates) for the on ice presentation

*Locker Room 3 will be available for changing.

3. Shelley's family will meet with the players and families in Locker room 3, a brief history of the award and a reflection of Shelley's life and what hockey meant to her and her commitment to the community.

4. Prior to the Championship game 2:00 players will go on to the ice and line at the Home bench

5. The CEO of LUK, Beth Barto will say a few words and the scholarship winners will be announced and will receive their awards.

6. Group picture will be taken.

7. Players will line up for the National Anthem, Championship will begin.


We are proud to announce LUK, Inc and the Central Mass Women's League have selected the JFHC in the 11th annual Shelley L'Ecuyer Memorial Scholarship. 

Shelley was devoted to her family, advocated for the youth of Central MA and was passionate about Ice Hockey.  The Shelley L'Ecuyer Memorial Scholarship will reflect these values that Shelley demonstrated throughout her life.

5 selected players (with at least 1 goalie) between the ages of 11 & 13 will be awarded a $200 scholarship and a plaque that will be presented prior to the championship game of the Have a Heart Tournament on Sunday, Feb 19th.  The funds are to assist in season registration fees to play hockey or who need assistance to pay for skates or other equipment.

Players are asked to follow the following criteria:

1.  Youth ages 11 through 13 years of age

2.  An expression, by the youth, of "What Playing Hockey Means to Me" 

3. This can be an essay, a drawing, a poem, a song, something else that the youth uses to  express him/her.

In order to present the scholarship in February, all submissions need to be sent to the JFHC Secretary before January 25th.  Together as a Club, the submissions will be forwarded to the Scholarship committee for review and selection of the recipients.

Please send submissions to club Secretary via email anytime between now and January 25th: secretary@jrfalcons.org