Code of Conduct (Zero- Tolerance) Policy

Dear Jr Falcons Parents,

Given recent incidents that have occurred at various rinks around the state within the hockey community, the Jr Falcons organization is initiating a new organizational code of conduct policy.

This policy will apply to not only players and coaches, but parents and other family members that are in attendance of any event involving our organization. The policy is the following:

The Jr Falcons Hockey club will maintain a Zero Tolerance Policy in regards to interact, and conduct towards Referees, off ice official or facility staff, coaches (of our program or other programs) and all players (of our program or any other program).

Inappropriate conduct including but not limited to (yelling, use of profane language, inappropriate gestures, or physical contact) will not be tolerated by the organization. If the Board of Directors are made aware of any incidents deemed to violate this policy the individual(s) involved may be subject to discipline by the organization that can result in the inability to attend any organization activity. In addition, depending upon the severity of the actions may also result in a disciplinary reporting to Mass Hockey for possible further disciplinary judgement.

The Jr Falcons Board of Directors want all of our players, coaches, parents and family members to represent our organization in a positive and supportive manner, and we want to remind everyone that our kids are playing a game for the love of the game. We do not want to take that away from them due to poor decisions or actions by anyone.

We appreciate all that our parents do to be part of our program and we want to set the standard of being a top-class organization. To do that relies on everyone in the organization to understand and adhere to the policy, and provide a positive environment for our players and volunteer coaches.

Please reach out to any of our Board of Directors if there are any questions or concerns with this new organizational policy.

Thank you,

Jr Falcons Board of Directors